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[feature request] Multi value tag / metadata support (Genres, Artists, Mood, etc) !


so there's a few threads requesting this:





The official reply back then here, that ID3 can not deal with this, is simply not true, there's many media/audio players who happily write/read/manage multivalue metadata...

Admittedly, this is not defined as a standard in ID3-2.3 (it was only explicitly declared as supported for ID3-2.4)... but the ID3-2.3 spec states that IF there's a need, a NULL character should be used in such cases and there's many a free media player (i.e. foobar & musicbee) which do exactly that to achieve multi-value genres, artists and many other fields. Some other players/media managers might only handle ; or / as separators (mp3tag, mediaMonkey etc)... but, it's easily possible (and imo the separator used should be user definable either way so users of foobar, mp3tag & Amarok are equally happy when coming to Rekordbox...), see



Also, flac, a supported format by Rekordbox, does have multivalue metadata support for yonks (and also the way it should be, via multiple single field declarations); see documentation:


"Field names are not required to be unique (occur once) within a comment header. As an example, assume a track was recorded by three well know artists; the following is permissible, and encouraged:
ARTIST=Dizzy Gillespie
ARTIST=Sonny Rollins
ARTIST=Sonny Stitt


So, I would argue, especially in 2017 and if/when dozens of free media players & metadata managers do support this feature - a professional DJ software that wants to be the central DJ-ing hub should also be able to understand those multi value tags!



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Sorry, I don't have any information available to give you at this time. Bumping posts won't make it more likely to be included either.

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