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Feature Request: Open Key Notation, Knobs Grain Setting, and more

1 - Implement Open Key Notation. IMO the Camelot notation is not very useful.

2 - I'd like to be able to adjust the Auto Gain knob with more precision. Right now (Rekordbox 5.0.1) you can grab/drag it with the mouse, or use the mouse wheel to adjust it's value, but the steps seems unpredictable, and too large (1dB+). Also it would be nice if controls like these are midi mappable and/or mappable to keyboard short cuts (preferably both of course). A precision of 0.1dB would be enough.

3 - Toggle switch to enable RB to latch on to the next coming loop cue point (I use it for mixing out loops).

4 - Make the creation of tracklists of recordings easier. Currently the txt output file is formatted in such a way that it's hard to process it with a script. Or else it would be nice to configure the formatting of the output. Nice would be something like this:

$artist - $trackname ($remixer) - [$label]

Frederique Rijsdijk

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