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BPM to MIDI for DjM s9

Hi folks, so just to be clear, I would like to quote at the beginning my msg from last week:


„……DJM s9 USB port

Hi guys, I want to just ask about functions of 2 USB Type-B ports on the back of DJM s9. I always use this port to communicate between serato and mixer, but I recently found on the global pioneer dj website, information that it could be used as the BPM - MIDI output. 


So first of all can you tell me if this is true?

Secondly, if that is true, can i use this BPM - MIDI to sync external hardware like toraiz sp-16 or even something from other brands (AKAI MPC Live, prophet12 or Roland system 1)……”


So, I know that we - the Ableton users, can do it by sync button inside of this daw, but I would be very happy to do this without computer, even just for save CPU power and working with vinyls.

Grzegorz Kuźma

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This may be possible only after the change of firmware I guess. How many usb slots and how many sound cards have this mixer?
DJM-900NXS2 have USB ports and MIDI output.

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"...The short answer is "no" because those other devices can't act as a USB host device to communicate with the S9's USB-B port..."

Please note that there are many converters for this like Roland UM-ONE mk2 and even eurorack modules for example Doepfer A-192. So what's the problem to use the second sound card to sendings midi data?

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