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organizing video files in Rekordbox

I would give my left arm to be able to organize video files into my playlists.  Right now, I can't drag and drop a video file on the fly to a playlist to prep for a gig.  Sure, I can create a separate video playlist... but it's a pain in the butt to look back and forth between two playlists for the same gig (one audio only and one video only).

I do understand that I can't work with video in the same way you can work with audio in export mode because right now, video can't be exported to USB.  But what about allowing us to organize video in export mode, with a notification/pop up that video can't be exported?

I'd just really like to organize video/audio seamlessly in my collection!  Thanks! 

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No, sorry, but our team is aware of the importance of mixed-media playlists and is working to improve the situation.

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They need to fix that ASAP with a new upgrade -any type of file should be able to drag and drop to a new playlist

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