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good idea for problem change of bpm in sync with backspin xdj 700,1000 or mk2

i used the xd 700 in sync mode and master clock of the pc and i have no problem with backspin. I think the problem  with no pc comes from the master clock.   My idea is that the master function of the xdj does not have a function for a long press.   If you can include this function " master clock " during a long press on the master function tactile, this could be solved the bug in sync mode with backspin.   In addition it will be easy to use , we choose a bpm , we activate the sync mode on the deck and we do a long press on the master to activate the "master clock ".  test but i really think that is the cause of the probem.   This function presses long on the master to activate "master clock" bit and also to be added to the readers having the master key.                                                           Good reading Maillart frederic Dj rust

dj rust

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