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experience for bug bpm in sync mode with backspin for xdj 700,1000 or mk2

all the hardware and in link ,table djm 900 nexus , player xdj 700 and pc. I first try to no longer match the number of player in order to avoid that the master of player moves with each movement of fader.The bpm does not move anymore with a backspin because the master is fix. I thought it is not normal to put a player one and track 2. so i said to myself that the bug will come from the link of the table and this change the master to every fader movement. I have given the right number to each player,i no link the table and the master player does not move with the fader movement  and so there is no more bug when a backspin in sync mode and moreover the master choose remains fixed with each movement of fader and it is much better like that. Here is the info that i can give you concerning this bug. I'm looking for this problem because it's very unconfortable .for addition it is not too useful linking the table except maybe for the quantize effect to see. I hope that my experience for this bug may interest you.             

dj rust

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I noticed the same. Using 2 XDJ-1000 MK1.

Further more the backspin is not working all the time. Pretty strange - didn't realized it before....

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