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Dashboard or Screen

I feel a dashboard like the Numark needs to be made for RB.
A big feature the DDJ controllers are missing compared to others out there are screens... no need for 3 or even touch screens (RZX) as I don't care for video and all that extra seems to be playing a toll on the HW/SW from my readings on the RZX. Seems like lots of issues because USB can only transfer so much data..

2 on each deck would do. The NI S8 for instance, 2 screens. Waveform up all the time. Activate a loop and loop setting and more comes up. Activate FX and the effects and parameters appear. Turn browse knob and browser appears.

even the XDJ platform has a awesome idea going for it with the one screen and ability to show waveforms and browser info ect.

I would just like too see waveforms and browser info at least so I can spend less time looking at laptop and more time mixing and engaging crowd. Hope that's a feature released on the Z series in future.

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