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HC-CA0101 cable for HDJ-2000 Mk1


I would have that questio about HC-CA0101 replacement cable made for HDJ-2000mk2. Does that cable fits to mk1? Because I would buy it with much pleasure because the elbow jack connector seems more long standing than the origonal straight one. My mk1 is 3 year old and the cables has broken at the end of jack connector.

Thanks for the help in advance!


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Thanks Pioneer Guys for really supportive attitude! Strange to been not able to give answer within 2 weeks.

So I decided to buy this cable on a risk.

The result: perfectly fit and applicable for HDJ-2000 MK1. Better improved quality cable, more soft rubber feeling insulation, elbow jack connector using headphone being connected to mixer provides longer lifetime.

The mini xlr connector is also feels to be better protected against physical damage.


So guys, feel free to buy it for HDJ-2000 MK1 as well!



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