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PLX 500 m

I recently purchased to PLX 500s from IDJ NOW. After a couple days of using them one platter completely stop moving. When I called IDJ now they told me they cannot replace or exchange the item ( which is under warranty) because I do not have the orginal box it came with. I only had these turntables for less then a week. Nor does it state that I need a box for thennto fix it. Like Seriously? Now I'm stuck with one broken turntable and a $800+ debt in which I had to get a small loan to get rhese items. This is not a way to treat a loyal customer.

Hegson Rapozo

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@Hegson > It's not just about having the box - I've been in contact with idjnow and we're working with the sales team here at Pioneer DJ to determine the best way to provide a solution for you, but as our offices are closed for the long weekend, it will be Tuesday at the earliest before I can get any more information for you. Thanks for your patience.

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