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Rekordbox filter collection by genre, and then by rating

Please can Rekordbox filter a collection by Genre and then Rating?

I use ratings to represent energy level (as recommended here), but Rekordbox only allows filtering:

   - by genre in the Category filter, or

   - by rating in the Track filter

It won't do both.  I need to perform filters such as:

   "Show all Techno with Rating of 3+4"

I know I can copy the genre into a MyTag and filter from there, but that is a LOT of work for 5,000 tracks. Removing category filter, and placing all the category filter into the track filter would be amazing.

David Clough

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I maybe missing something, but how is adding songs to a specific tag a LOT of work, as you have already done the rating, but only need to add the 'genre' tag? 

I would find it rather simple and straight forward:

1) Make a genre-specific smart playlist or use the general search filter to find 'techno' songs

2) Select all

3) Open the ´Display My Tag configuration window' from the right -> click 'techno' tick box from the menu (or add it).

4) You're good to go using the track filter...

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How come people are content (or even happy ?!) with work arounds for a softwares' clear short-coming....??

Cascaded / multi-level sorting, as suggested/requested here, is not hard to program, is/can be very helpful and you wouldn't want to miss it once you're used to thepower it gives you on your own data/music to find what you are after quickly...

Even more so if RB were to also support multi-value metadata as well as custom metadata fields... i.e.





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