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cdj 3000 error handling duplicated tracks on the playlist

Hello i want to report an error on the cdj 3000.

If you have duplicated tracks on a playlist it does not work as before on any other cdj.

for example I exported the playlist form rekordbox as:
<Row Number> - <Track ID>
1 - track A
2 - track B
3 - track C
4 - track A
5 - track D
6 - track E

if you select track A on row 4 of the playlist, then when you go back, it goes back to row 1.

I use big playlists 150 tracks or more with duplicated tracks, where this is an issue that in the cdj 2000 nxs / nxs2 it didnt happend.

I am currently under firmware version 2.02


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