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How to relocate with doubles?


I am using Rekordbox with the iTunes integration (Apple Music) for years, and never had issues ever since.

I have recently moved my music library to an external SSD in order to clean up space on my internal SSD drive. Therefore I used the 'consolidate' function in Apple Music so that the database is actually pointing to the correct physical file on my external SSD drive.

Now Rekordbox sees this as 'new' tracks and imported all of my tracks again, with the result that literally all my tracks are double in my Rekordbox collection, where for every song one track (the old) is missing.
The problem there is that all my hot cues etc. are stored in the 'old' tracks, where Rekordbox database is looking on my internal SSD and thus not finding the tracks. It can only see the tracks on my external SSD.
I have tried to use the relocate function in Rekordbox, but then I get the warning that 'the track already exists in the collection'.

The only solution I could think of right now is to manually clean up the newly imported tracks but this is very hard to sort, since the 'date created' column contains exactly the same data as the 'date added' column. So not possible to safely collect all tracks to be deleted (would also take ages to do this manually for + 15.000 tracks).

Is there someone who ever had the same issue, and if so, how did you solve this the easiest and fastest way possible?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


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Sorry, that would require that the files themselves are EXACTLY the same, and unfortunately there are too many potential pitfalls if they're not, so they have not included such a function.

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What could actually completely solve my issue, is the functionality to 'merge' the two copies of every song in Rekordbox. Then it would use the correct database pointer to find the file from the one copy and the hot cues etc from the other copy.
Is there any way to do this merge? Maybe somewhere in the database file or so?

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