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The rekordbox .xml file specified is unable to be read properly


I am going to transfer MIK Cue points to rekordbox according to the

instruction given on youtube


but my rekordbox unable to verify/ find location rekordbox.xml file location


Amila Siriwardana Respondida

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Here's my recommended method of operations...

  • import songs to rekordbox; allow them to analyse for all items available
  • export the XML file from rekordbox (File > Export Collection in XML format)
  • open MiK and import the same songs into MiK, allow them to analyse
  • click the Personalize tab
  • click Export Cue Points for Existing Files
  • close MiK, go back to rekordbox
  • verify that the XML setting is pointing to the correct file in the rekordbox preferences
  • click the refresh button beside the rekordbox xml tree item
  • right-click on the MIK Cue Points playlist, select Import Playlist; if prompted to overwrite, click yes
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