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replacing USB-Stick with external SSD Drive


due to this is hardware overarching I`ll post this here ...

We encounter Problems using  USB Sticks ... seems to be a bit playing Casino or having enough of em together and praying ... So I would like to know from Official side what are the guidelines to use a SSD in an external case instead of USB-Sticks.

after reading different Manuals (CDJ-850, CDJ-2000, XDJ-XZ) I came to the following solution to use the ssd on these 3 Hardware devices

- Size of SSD in external Case is not relevant. I`m Planing a 500GB one

- Formated as FAT32 (Apple calls it MS-Dos) would be best

- Folder-Depth : not more than 8 subfolders

- Files per Folder:

     - not more than 1000 (if using direkt the audio files)

    - not more than 10.000 overall folders if Managed by RB

- USB Interface .... Mostly Cases have a 3.x interface .  In General the Pioneer Devices are 2.0 (I assume) ...  does it play a role if the Interface is 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.xxx ????    (for the DDJ-850 we had to install a Firmware upgrade that should solve some USB 3.0 Issuses ... but what about 3.1 ? and so forth

did I forget something that I have to keep an eye on before using an external SSD ?








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Get a Samsung T5 and you should be fine - they're phenomenal drives; small and fast.

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thanks for your reply .... I`ll give it a try ....

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