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Rekordbox 6.5.5 won't see my USB as a device, only as a folder.

Rekordbox 6.5.5 could not see my earlier used USB's as a device.
- I bought a new USB and formatted it to MS-DOS Fat32.
- I also gave Rekordbox all the folder permissions in the preferences in case the system.
- Rekordbox is on Export mode.
- I upgraded my Macbook PRO to Ventura 13.0

Rekordbox still can not find my USB as a device, however my Macbook can see my USB as a device. I really do not know what to do. Can somebody help me?

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Ventura is not yet officially supported (see the announcement here), and that is an expected issue. Some users are suggesting that HFS+ (macOS Journaled) drives are reading fine, but we do not recommend users upgrade to Ventura at this time.

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