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CDJ 2000nxs and nxs2 wont let me link connect to rekordbox

I am trying to link connect by connecting a LAN to each CDJ (one is NXS and the other is NXS2) I aggregated the connection then switched the audio to CDJ/XDJ. I am using a DJM 2000 (not sure if that matters) I then click Link then it tells me to "push to connect". Once I push, it shows a cdj connected to a computer on the screen. From what I've researched, is should let me choose a Mixer 1 or 2, but does not seem to allow me to do that. It should also be showing the rekordbox logo on each screen instead of showing me the CDJ connected to a computer. I am unable to interact with songs at all in rekordbox through the external CDJs.

What is wrong here and why isnt this working?

Matt Smyth

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I'm having this same exact issue and still do not have a fix. Everything was working last month. Now, I click the 'Push to connect' button on the cdj, but cannot scroll to select the deck. It just stays on the 'USB MIDI' page.

Did you figure this out?

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