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CDJ 3000 RELOOP / changes of loop size


how is this supposed to work?

- Start playback
- Create a loop either with 4/8 beat loop button or from touch screen using the menu and chose either loop size
- Loop will start playing, now adjust the loop size to something else
- When you exit the loop, it will reset the size to the initial loop size
- When you press reloop, it will loop the initial number of beats, not the number of beats you adjusted it to

Actual example:
- I create a 4 beat loop with the 4 beat loop button
- I change it to 16 beat loop from the touch screen then
- I exit the loop and press reloop again
=> Loop is only 4 beats instead of 16 beats

Does this make sense? I mean wouldn't you expect the *last* loop size being kept for reloop?

How does it work on CDJ 2000? IIRC on the XDJ1000 it kept the last loop size.


Markus Marquardt

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