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Rekordbox does not save cue points while using LINK EXPORT


When at home I've started to practice with my XDJ-RX3 connected through USB in EXPORT mode using the LINK function on rekordbox instead of using a usb stick.


The thing is, when I load a track that has cue points previously saved in rekordbox, they are displayed and everything is in its place.


1- If when playing that track I push any hot cue, every other memory cues previously loaded disappear instantaneously!!

2- The new hot cue is not saved into the track on rekordbox. Not even if I load a clean track (without any memory cues stored) and then assign any cue point and push the memory button on the RX3 (which displays "MEMORY rekordbox" in red letters), that memory cue is not saved. Because if I reload the track it is clean again, without the memory cue I've just supposedly memorized!


SO, summing up: My XDJ-RX3 when in LINK Export Mode with rekordbox, only reads from the rekordbox, but does NOT WRITE into it! BUT it shows me however "MEMORY rekordbox" any time I press memory on a new cue.


Fucking weird thing. Maybe I'm missing something here, but I'm starting to be mad with this. There is no point in having it LINKED with REKORDBOX if I cant WRITE INTO MY TRACKS while I'm PRACTICING


Joao Fresco

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