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Rekordbox 6.6.6 and 6.6.7. (A-B) cross fader issue in export mode

When using Rekordbox 6.6.6 and 6.6.7 in export / preparation mode the A-B cross fader on the left side of the screen is in cutting mode instead of linear mode. Is there any way to change this? I re-installed 6.6.5 again to temporarely fix the problem.

Macbook Pro 14'

Rekordbox 6.6.6 and 6.6.7

Mac OS 12.3

Johan van Lynden Respondida

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Try this...

Open rekordbox to PERFORMANCE mode

Go into the Preferences > Controller > Mixer > Crossfader Curve, and adjust it back to the left:

Then close it and go back to EXPORT mode, it should now be crossfading instead.

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Thanks! That indeed did work. When adjusting it to half (12 o'clock) it works like previous versions. Thanks again!

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