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CDJ2000NXS2 player 5/6 FW update? Pretty please!

Is there any hope to ever get a new FW update for the 2000NXS2 so that they can be assigned to channel 5 or 6 on a V10? Sometimes I need to put a NXS2 on 5 or 6 due to the lack of phono pre's on all the V10 channel strips. I'd love to get a 3rd and 4th 3000 but they're still so hard to come by so I'm left using a mix of 3000's and 2000NXS2's with my V10. I expect NXS2's to be common in booths for many years to come. It would be AMAZING to see an update to the NXS2's so they'd play better with V10's and 3000's. There must be a way to limit the number of players to 4 or less but allow for 5 and 6 numbering. I get that the NXS2's have limits but this isn't rocket science here team. Thanks!

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Sorry, the network module (and software) in the older products does not support addressing players higher than 4, and it cannot be addressed with a firmware update.

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