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Restoring corrupt database

A couple of days ago my Rekordbox gave a message that my db was  corrupt and tried to restore from an internal backup. This worked but left me with a very old version of my rekordbox database. Luckily I had some olders versions of my master.db file backupped. After overwriting the current master.db file by my old backup, my rekordbox all my tracks again!

The only problem that arises here is that my rekordbox does not have the files analyzed anymore now. From some googling I found that the folder in /share/PIONEER/USBANLZ should contain all the analysis files. I saw that now my USBANLZ folder was only a couple of mb's, while I remember it being a couple of GB's before, so I think all the analysis files were removed as well.

What I did to fix this was copy my USBANLZ folder from a USB that contains all of my music to /share/PIONEER/, which is a couple of GB's as I remembered, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem. Is there another way to restore the analysis files? I have a backup of the C:\Users\<me>\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer folder.

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No, I did not migrate to a new computer. All my audio files are still in the same location. I just got a message saying my database was corrupt for some reason so tried to restore it.

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