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Rekordbox Folder & Playlist - summary info & blank browsing area

Hi Pioneer engineers and forum staff.


First Suggestion:

I have a 128GB flash-drive. 

When I select my master folder on my flash-drive, which contains 90% of the playlists I DJ with, Rekordbox displays the total size of that playlist folder as 303.2 GB (as per attached screenshot)  I know there are only like 60GB of physical files in those playlists on the 128GB flash-drive. 

I would like to see the total size of all tracks (even though they are in more than one playlist) that are in that folder.

Second Suggestion: 

When I have a folder selected that contains playlists, can we maybe then have Rerkordbox display all the tracks that are in all the playlists in that folder, instead of showing a blank space with no tracks. (as per attached screen-shot where I have my "Beatport" folder selected.) So I would like to see ALL my Beatport tracks that are in all the playlists, in that master "Beatport" folder, if that makes sense.

Thank you in advance


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