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Some tracks are not loading on CDJs

Hi, I've encountered some issue with loading my tracks from thumbdrives.

So my library is analyzed with RB and synced with thumbdrives and all the track are playing absolutely fine on my home XDJ-RX2 but some tracks I bought on itunes do not load on clubs' 2000nxs2. I've tried to bounce them to mp3 - same story: perfectly fine on my RX2 and error on loading with 2000nxs2. I tried them on older 2000s and had the same problem.

So all tunes are mp3s now and working fine with my XDJ-RX2 in stand alone mode and some tunes are not working with 2000 and 2000nxs2.

Can you recommend me something to fix it and maybe some way to make sure they gonna work before I go to a club?

Thanks in advance!


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Hey Pulse, sent you some files a while ago, not sure if my emails reaching your mailbox. Could you confirm?

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