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Rekordbox iOS App - does not work with iFI Audio UNO on my iPhone 12 ProMax

Rekordbox App in iOS does not work with iFI Audio DAC:

iphone: 12 Promax, iOS: 15.7.1

Rekordbox APP: 3.4.3 (LATEST)

  • NO OUTPUT SOUND after connect iphone with iFI UNO
  • try to restart iphone with iFI Uno connected, then open Rekordbox app: it is frozen (nothing run when hit Play button)

All other Music app in this iphone works well with UNO: Apple Music, Spotify, HF Player (Onkyo), Youtube ... (even ringtone)

Please help review the issue. Thank you.

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Sorry, we cannot guarantee functionality of our apps with 3rd party audio devices.

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P/S: Rekordbox desktop (MacOS) still works well with this iFi audio UNO

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