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Rekordbox Automix

Suggestion for the implementation of Automix functionality.


- Long term: Automix implemented like in Virtual DJ. The best out there for my needs (and, for what I read in the forum, for the needs of many other people).


- Priority 1: back to back execution with possibility to add an offset of X seconds. When the offset is positive a gap of X seconds is added between one song and another. When the offset is negative, the next song will start X seconds before the ending of the current song.


- Priority 2: Under certain circumstances, current song will fade out while the next song will cut in (full volume level) on the beat of the current song. Circumstances could be:

  1. Scenario Priority 1 in the case offset is negative.
  2. User double click on the next song at some point during the execution of the current song.


I play music like Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and for me those 2 priority points would be enough to use Rekordbox only.

Simone Agosta

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