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CDJ900NXS - number of memory cues

Hi guys, 

I'm doing a show on CDJ900NXSs next weekend and won't get the chance to practice on them first. Just wondering about memory cues, which I've set in Rekordbox. The manual states:

"A maximum of 100 cue or loop points can be stored on USB devices per disc. For mediums other than discs, a maximum of 10 points can be stored per track." 

On the face of it, this seems clear and I'm only questioning it because it seems really strange as large libraries are invariably going to have thousands of cue points set. 

So, can I confirm that I'll literally have to put only my music for the set on my USB and literally count the cues as any in excess of 100 will be cut off?



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That's only for CDs - USB content exported from rekordbox doesn't have any limitation.

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Thank you for correcting my understanding there - very useful! Is there a limit to the number of cues that can be set (and read by the player) per track?

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