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RB-DMX1 + ProDJ Link Integration

I own an XDJ-XZ and usually use it in export mode with a flash drive or access my library connected throughout my network using PRO DJ LINK.

When I am using my laptop (M1 Pro), it is usually in combination with video processing or streaming apps such as OBS. So using RB performance mode, apart from all the cable management I need to do for this, also decreases my performance significantly. 

None of those products are cheap (XDJ-XZ, RB-DMX1, the lights, and even the laptop itself).

I consider not adding support to use Lightning in Export mode or via Pro DJ Link Bridge a big miss from Pioneer's side, and it made me regret having bought all this hardware. 

I read in some other threads that those were recommendations made by the CX team, but this feature was still to be added to the roadmap... 

Could you please provide some more clarity on this? Considering you just launched the XDJ-XZ-W, I am sure adding this feature would benefit many other customers.   


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Sorry, it's more to do with the Pro DJ Link specifications and the capabilities of such from the hardware (XZ) side. Unfortunately we don't have any information available on whether or not it's possible or under consideration for future release.

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