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FL6 connected to DDJ800 (very low volume)

I have the fantastic controller DDJ800 and I acquired the FLX for the merge FX.

The FLX6 is connected to DDJ800 from master of FLX6 to the Channel 1 of the DDJ800 (line).

When I reproduce on the DDJ800 the music that comes from FLX6, it has a very low volume, so I have to pull up the the volumne master in the FLX6 as well as increase a lot the trim, so it starts to distorsion.


How can i fix this? do I need a pre-amp from FLX6 to DDJ800?


Gustavo Gonzalez Respondida

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Hi Gustavo,

The audio signal on the FLX6 should be peaking around the first orange LED on the channels and the master, then connect the RCA output from the DDJ-FLX6 to a line input on the DDJ-800. You should then adjust the trim knob on that 800's input channel until the level on the channel meter is also around the first orange LED. This should not result in any distortion as you have not clipped the signal.

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