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DDJ 1000SRT not recognized

My DDJ SRT 1000 was working fine and then "no audio driver" appeared.  After several attempts to add the driver now the computer does not even recognize the table in devices. Please help.  The table is only a few months old.

sondra goettelmann Respondida

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Hi Sondra,

The message on the jog displays simply indicates that the drivers did not auto-load when the DDJ was connected. You can manually force them to load by opening the DDJ-1000SRT Driver Version Display Utility, then close it immediately after.

If you are having problems with audio, it's possible that the DDJ is assigned as the default audio output device for your computer, so please check your control panel or audio preferences to ensure that the default device is your computer's built-in hardware.

Should you need further assistance, please create a ticket with the support team in your region to resolve this issue.

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