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XDJ RX3 - Show only the Key next to track name and not BPM

Hello All,

On the XDJ RX3 and maybe on all Pioneer Products, when selecting "Key" to be shown next to track name (RekordBox settings or USB Settings) on the XDJ RX3 it displays first the "Key" and also the "BPM" next to the track name. Is there a way to remove the BPM and display only the Key in order to save some space from the screen divider and view more details of the track name?

Why it also displays the BPM since we have selected only the Key to be shown? It will be very helpful to view more details of the track name by removing the BPM and having more space for the track name.

See attached examples.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,


Kyriacos Hadjioullas

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You need to do that on the device, not the preferences; click on the Device name on the left of the rekordbox window instead.

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Thank you for your prompt reply Pulse.

Please note that it's the same situation even when I update the settings only from the USB disk/device.

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