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TOM - Par Bar 8 LED

Unfortunately I can only find very basic information for this device. It appears to be a generic model, likely sold under a variety of brand names. I bought 2 from amazon here: https://www.amazon.es/TOM-8pcsX3W-LED-aluminio-DMX512/dp/B07LG1MKHN/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?crid=1BVZ2DMR6KGHQ&keywords=B07LG1MKHN&qid=1674061444&sprefix=b07lg1mkhn%2Caps%2C135&sr=8-1 I don’t seem to be able to add photos of the manual - could someone provide an email address and I’ll send them over. I would really appreciate if you could add it to the database. Thank you very much!
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You can always use a cloud service and share the link with us.

Your fixture request has been added to the AtlaBase library. It will be reflected in the next rekordbox fixture library update (performed once a week on Wednesday or Thursday except for the national and company holidays). Please find the latest list of the library fixtures here (under Fixture library lists).

Manufacturer: Unknown
Fixture: Tom Par Bar 8

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AtlaBase Ltd

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