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Stems on Rekordbox and Pioneer DJ Equipment - PLEASE ADDRESS

Hello Pioneer DJ,

Stems have long been a buzz in the community, but have largely been ignored by Pioneer DJ due to "low interest" and in order to focus development in other areas. However, given Virtual DJ's new Stems 2.0, and now Serato's Stems implementation, I firmly believe it should no longer be put on the backburner. Here are the reasons:

1. Real-time stem separation allows for unparalleled mixing creativity. It simply has not been seen in the DJ world at this level of quality until now, and it IS the future.. any DJ who has had a chance to explore their mixing potential using stems can attest to this.. if you don't believe me, please for the love of music just try out VDJ's Stems 2.0 on a 4-channel controller that supports stem control on unused channels. I've used Pioneer's XDJ-XZ in this capacity, and it is mind-boggling how useful it is for creative discovery and live mixes. A DJ's creative workflow is fundamentally enhanced by being able to mix using isolated track elements.
2. Providing quality stem separation as part of your software removes DJs' reliance on the artists to provide stems of their tracks.
3. The only other option for stem separation is for DJs to painstakingly separate the stems themselves, using 3rd party software, which is time consuming and significantly less flexible than real-time mixing with stems that can be dropped in and out at the DJ's discretion.

In conclusion, introducing stem separation into the Pioneer ecosystem will not only progress the world of music through powerful new mixing capabilities - I suspect it will directly translate to an increase in Pioneer DJ's Rekordbox subscription sales. It will provide immense value, by saving artists' and DJs' time, and by ushering in creative possibilities that before were inaccessible. Eventually, it would be absolutely amazing to see this functionality embedded in Pioneer DJ hardware as well - you'll see what I mean when you experience the creative workflow of doing this using a controller that supports it on the extra channels, as I mentioned above. Currently, DJs are forced to explore stems in a different software, then download or extract the stems separately, then import and analyze in Rekorbox before mixing them on a Pioneer deck.. It's.. beleaguering.
But, one step at a time, of course.

Looking forward to your response,

Skyler Knopp
"DJ Sky"

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