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Search results not showing up On DDJ RX2 that used too

I recently formatted my external hdd that i use dailt too dj with because of a database error

its not my first rodeo

the only difference since the database problem on my hard drive is that i updaated the firmware on my rx2 to the latest

now if i search for a traack name...it comes up normnally

but what i also use a lot is search by a artist name aand thats where the problem lies...

before the database error on my hdd i used to be able to do so...seaarch for example daddy yankee and it will show me all the tracks i have on my external

but right now i cants search by any artist name ..

On my computer the results by artist name comes up fine

even if I connect my external to my computer and within RB under my device or external drive and search in All Tracks ...they will show up like normal 

But on the rx 2 ....it would not

where couple days ago with diffrent firmware it would

To test the artist search ... i went to a usb drive that has some tracks and there its working fine ...thats why i dont think its a firmware problem


i would like a feedback please

Dj Chocolate

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After taking a 7th look in settings i found the problem
When u connect ur external to ur computer And open rekordbox

after selecting ur external device i went over to the ' category ' tab on the right

i think i added Artist to the Inactive Categorie by mistake because i was making some default categories in active ...and I probably added to the inactive side by mistake

i now added it back to active categorie side

and now im able to search for whatever artist i have in my playlists!!!!

for those who are also stuck witch something like this !!!!

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