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DDJ400 Recording Sound Level Low

Hello guys, hope you all are well. I am needing a little assistance.
I have a ddj400 and I'm using VirtualDJ.
I've recently noticed my sets are recording at a much lower output/volume/quality than would be the the original mp3s .. and i'm wanting to get to that in my set recordings.
My mixtour reloop doesn't seem to have the issue, so I'm assuming it's because it's recording using the DDJ400's soundcard. I have tried many setting changes within VirtualDJ.
The ddj400 mic input has volume turned down.
I'm curious about trim/gains during mixing and recording VS recording level. Am I not adding enough to get the full punch of the track? Do I need to lower the zerodb and crank up the trim? Am I hitting the recording limiter (so it's reducing volume rather than clipping).
Anyone had & resolved this sort of problem?
any help much appreciated. thank you
Duncan Fordham

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