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XDJ RX2 No sound from headphones - Repair help


So on my XDJ RX2s a couple years the headphone jack always went a bit wonky, it would sometimes only play from one side - this wasn't split cue or anything, it would cut in and out, and sometimes be left sometimes be right (and tested with different headphones).

They have been used at plenty house parties so most likely drink spillages were the issue.

On the most recent (but still a long time ago) drink spill the sound from the headphones completely went (both sides, complete silence) and the software kept freezing. I flashed the latest firmware and all of the freezing stopped - that was over 2 years ago (I've since upgraded to a mixer and player setup so I've kind of forgotten about them) - but it only fixed the freezing, headphones still completely silent.

I opened these up before and the inside actually looked perfect, so signs of damage but I guess maybe it just wasn't clear.

I want to buy the headphone jack as a spare part - DWX4053 - but it's always out of stock, and a few times (a year ago, and this week) I've bought it from a seller when it was in-stock and got refunded saying Pioneer does not know when it will be back in stock - so guessing it might not ever.

Is there anything I can do here? Any alternative headphone jacks that would fit this or anything?


Fergal O'Connor

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