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Key Sync with decks - pre-prepared on rekordBox

Key Mixing with XDJ/CDJ - feature request

I'm using XDJ1000 which can not key-sync in real time. That is, if track_A is at (say) Am and track_B is at (say) Abm - I can not key sync them on the players in real time. RekordBox can key-sync them, but the XDJ1000 players can not.

My feature requested is for RB to have a new function in which it can pitch that specific track to that specific new key (this part already exists), bounce the track in the new key internally (without the need to record), copy all of the metadata (name, artist, etc.) and mark it as "bounced to XXX key".

The goal is to have two tracks, one in the original key and another one in the new synced key with the proper metadata and marking - ready for real time playing.

That could be a nice feature for all decks which are not CDJ3000.

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That's fraught with problems as you'd need to render out a version for each possible key. That would make the export significantly slower as it would not only need to render those 11 other variants, but then export them, and store them on the export drive as well. I understand the desired outcome, but that would be a pass from me.

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