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*XDJ-XZ, XDJ-RX3, XDJ-XZ(2) Automix with auto Fade in/out option as found in the Aero..

As a dj that does a lot of weddings Automix / Continuous Play is a very common tool used during "dinner music" as it frees up the dj to attend to other more important matters of the event. 

Although Automix / Continuous Play can be engaged on a RX3, XZ. It does not auto fade in/out at the 30 second point (or preferably selectable) as found in the $500 Aero (for example). If you do not believe me about the Aero's Automix having a fade in/out time then please read this for yourself found on page 25 of the Aero's owner manual.

*The following two below paragraphs were taken from an older forum post;

"In the Aero, you first press the AUTO MIX button and then load a track from the playlist you want to have playback, and then press play on that deck. Then make sure both channel faders are up and the crossfader is disabled or in the middle. When the fist track reaches 30s remaining, the track will fade out and the other deck will begin playback.

If you further press the SYNC button on both decks, the AERO will automatically match the BPMs and "mix" the two tracks".

This feature is not new as Automix has been around for a while now in everyone's software & apps (and that's how most use it with auto fade in/out). To be fair, As a standalone comparison... The Denon Prime 4 has this option in standalone mode and yes you have the option of setting the fade in/out time as well (yes, i know no one likes being compared to the competition and I'm sure the forum reps are sick of this). My apologies.

The future need for professional two/four channel fully standalone controllers (and app/tablet capable control) is growing. As software options continue to be ported over for standalone use I would like to see this option be considered for the higher end XDJ-XZ, XDJ-RX3 & XDJ-XZ(2) line of controllers, 

I feel these higher end Pioneer Dj standalone controllers should have this option. 

*This is not meant to replace a dj in any way, shape or form and hasn't to this day. It's just another useful tool for the tool box (whether one chooses to use it or not to). 

Your support for this request is most appreciated. I'm sure we all want the best possible product. Thank you!


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