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DDJ SRT 1000 Parts Out of Stock

Well, this is very frustrating to say the least.  My less than 2 years old DDJ SRT 1000 needs a part that is no longer being sold.  I purchased this unit May 2021.  I've maybe used it 150 times total.  

I began having problems with distortion coming from the mic channels this past Friday.  I contacted Pioneer and was told to contact an authorized service center.  There are no service centers close to me and out of the 3 I contacted, only one of them was responsive.  

I took the controller apart myself and discovered the output circuit board was fried.  The part is DWX4115-MOUT.  According to Pioneer's website, this part is no longer being sold.  It's out of stock everywhere else I search.

I also can't even replace the controller itself if I wanted to because it's backordered everywhere.  

This is very disappointing and frustrating.  I feel like Pioneer is leaving a professional DJ of 23 years hanging.  

I love Pioneer products but I've always received better service from Rane.  I might have to go back as Pioneer is proving to be unreliable.

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