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Can I use an external DAC/Soundcard/Interface with my controller

Hello all,


I'm a bit of audiophile who has more 24bit 192khz tracks that I perhaps should... However I believe I have now found the weakest link in my audio chain (for djing) and that is the Soundcard on my DDJ-RX. 

So now I've begun to work out what I can do about it... my solution an audiophile grade DAC! 

(This one if it makes any difference: https://www.schiit.com/products/bifrost)

however, my concerns are:

1. will it work can I point the master out to the DAC? 

2. Will I have to build my own Asio Drivers? (I think I'm capable)

3. Will the microphone inputs on the DDJ-RX still send through the new master out on the DAC assuming it works?

4. Will the headphones work as was?

5. any other issues I'm overlooking?

6. if this can't be done at the moment, can this be done in the future for dumb asses like me / or would you consider a digital out on future controllers?


Thank you for your time

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@Ian > 

1. Yes, but keep in mind that your headphone cueing situation will depend on your device as you can't use multiple audio devices within rekordbox.

2. No, but if your device doesn't have ASIO (only has WME or another driver), you may want to reconsider as low-latency ASIO is important.

3. No, see #1; you can only use one audio device within rekordbox.

4. No, see #1.

5. Probably... but no harm in playing around!

6. Not likely due to cost.

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Hello Pulse,


OK thank you for the news, it's a bit disappointing, I think my only option now is to turn to the modding community I doubt my controller is under any warranty, so why not I suppose? :(

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