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OPUS-QUAD Suggestions that will make a big difference..

I would like to know if any of the following could possibly be passed on and taken into further consideration and hopefully implemented.

(1) Add the latest mobius effect to the opus-quad. This is the best one and should be standard on of the newer models.

(2) Add a fully functioning automix with auto fade in and out options to the multi zone output for us wedding dj's to use for dinner music. Very nice to finally have a zone out. Lets put it to good use.

Since the opus-quad is geared towards wedding dj's and private corporate events I feel this feature is essential.

I am not talking about the regular auto playback or continuous mix where one song ends (dead space) then on to the next song.

I am talking about a fully functioning automix option as found in software (Virtual Dj / Serato) and also found in other standalone units such as the Denon Prime 4.

Currently, I am using automix with auto fade in/out through Virtual Dj as that is the standard and by far the best implementation to date. Rekordbox may also support this option as well but I am looking to go fully standalone (no PC). I will eventually move over and fully support Rekordbox.

(3) "Color options" Such as an All Black (this includes the bronze knobs). The bronze and wood trim I feel will not be as popular as having an all Black option. Possibly, add an all White option as well at a later date. I feel this would be a wise move and better for sales as well. I appreciate the creativity but not everyone will.

(4) Weddings & Corporate events use lighting effects. Perhaps a lighting control Utility can be added in and would be very useful.

Keep up the good work..

And Thank you for your consideration and always having the most "cutting edge" products.

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Glad you like it! I'll answer some of these...

1) It's pretty sick, I was disappointed it was omitted, but glad it could potentially be added since it's not like they need to add a label to the faceplate!

2) I don't see this as likely to be added, but you never know.

3) This is a $35 fix ... $10 for a can of black spray paint, $5 for masking tape, $20 for a set of new knobs. Totally custom! Or you can get a custom skin from one of those providers.

4) It won't be available onboard since the OQ doesn't have any DMX output directly, but you can already use rekordbox Pro DJ Link Lighting, either wired or wirelessly!

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Thank you for your time and the quick reply.

I agree.. Sick indeed!

Yes, I was really hoping Pioneer would consider carrying over the Automix & Auto fade functions of their Aero as its coding is excellent as is. 

Too funny...

Ok, I will check out Rekordbox.

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To use the Opus Quad for DMX lighting with Rekordbox you have to buy the Pioneer RB-DMX1 box which will connect to your computer by USB, then you can use the Rekordbox Lighting Function in the software. The only standalone that has DMX lighting control inside the unit  is the Denon Prime 4 which uses a software called Soundswitch to operate the DMX lights.

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