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Moved from XZ to Opus .. things i miss

Couple of things i miss from the XZ that I hope are both just software changes so will come in a future update

1) Slip loop ... cant believe thats not there and how much I actually use it ... my first set on my new controller this weekend and didn't realise how much I missed it!!


2) holding down the track search button to skip though the track i'm queuing up ... track search on XZ had duel purpose .. load next track or quickly skip through loaded track (i know there is shift and platter but it doesn't feel the same)


Sill kept looking in the wrong place for things but thats just practice 


Couple of nice to haves?

Onboard software based sampler?

Remaining and Elapsed on screen at same time?


Other than that love it,  I'm a professional dj and play in clubs .. ignore the haters .. the new design is amazing!

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This is not an XZ replacement, so not all XZ features will be present.

Thanks for your feedback.

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