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XDJ-XZ Firmware Update Fails-Part 2

Dear Pioneer,

I had a reply from you to my earlier post but I can not manage to reply back to the same post. So I had to write a new one. Here is what you wrote below and I checked my USB flash drive (which I always used for previous firmware updates) and it is formatted in MS-DOS FAT32. I couldn't see the info regarding MBR.


"Dear Pioneer,

My firmware update fails although I took all the advices on the guide.

I downloaded twice with different USB devices thinking either the usb or the file is corrupt  (usbs are the ones that I always use at my sets). The update does not start automatically. The bar doesn't show at all. Only "Connect USB storage device into top USB1 port" shows up and nothing happens after that.

- Current firmware:1.23

- Rekordbox ver: 6.6.11

Macbook Air early 2014, Catalina 10.15.7

I'd appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Tuba Luleci Alacam

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Official comment


Sounds like the USB drive isn't formatted MS-DOS (FAT32) with MBR (Master Boot Record). Please check the drive setting in the Disk Utility.


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The update progress bar doesn't show because the firmware update was not started. If it doesn't show that, the drive wasn't recognized.

First, don't download with Safari - it can corrupt the firmware as it auto-unzips the file.

Unzip the file, place it on the root of a USB drive formatted FAT32 with MBR. If you're not sure, check these...

Show all devices:

Click the TOP item of the USB drive:

When you erase that device, this is how it should be set:


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