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Opus Quad - Bugs or Features?

Hi there,

I received my OQ yesterday and I was wondering about certain things. Maybe you can bring some light into these:

Current conditions:

  • Rekordbox 6.6.11
  • Exported Playlist from Rekordbox to USB
  • New Library works as expected 


  1. Small Display in Players:
    The key is presented in music notes and not in Camelot. How can this be changed?

  2. Color of Hot Cues:
    Can they be changed directly on the OQ?

  3. Smart Cue:
    I activated Smart Cue. I trigger a saved loop through Hot Cue and press the CUE Button, but the loop is inactive when I push PLAY. Sometimes it works (I haven't found when) but most of the time id doesn't. Why?

    I found a work around by pressing Shift + Beat Loop Wheel (-> Reloop-Function) and then the CUE Button. Then the loop is active when pressing PLAY.

  4. Main Screen / Big Waveforms (Top Part)
    I cannot move the waveform by touch/swipe gesture. Is this right? Why? I see this as a big disadvantage compared to Controllers with Laptops with touch screens where I can work very fast and easy with.

  5. Main Screen / Small Waveforms (Lower Part)
    I cannot jump to another song position by touch gesture on the small waveforms. If this is correct, this is a big disadvantage again.

  6. Main Screen / Small Waveforms (Lower Part)
    When activating loop, I can only see it the marked waveform above and not in the small waveform below. While using the big waveform for detail view, I want to e.g. increase or decrease quickly the length of the loop according to the information I see in the small waveform. It is also not possible to see both, where the loop is and how long it is spread over the waveform without zooming out the big waveform.

  7. I do heavily miss the Beat Effect "Low Cut Echo", as the normal echo becomes massive and loud, and sounds less elegant. Is there a chance to exchange the normal "Echo" with the "Low Cut Echo"?

  8. Smooth Echo:
    How can I set the length of the smooth echo and not just the time and the volume?

  9. Active Loops:
    What I also noticed is that the Active Loops (automatic activation of the loop at the corresponding position) that I set in Rekordbox are not taken over. Is that correct? This is a very convenient feature that I don't want to miss...


Thank you for your support!


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