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Current SEARCH is a complete trash

The primitive search feature of Rekordbox 6 drives me crazy. My language contains a lot of diacritics and the current search function can't find anything. It's really annoying. I have no time to type and try multiple search variants when playing live.


Song name: Mariša Pusu Daj - Kollárovci

  • Search 1: "Marisa"
  • Result 1: Not found...
  • Search 2: "Kollarovci"
  • Result: 2: Not found...
  • Search 3: "Mariša"
  • Result 3: Found

I found threads complaining about this dated more than 3 years ago, and still, this simple thing is not fixed.
How hard is it to replace diacritics with its base character variants?
á = a
í = i
š = s

I am a software developer and If I had the source code I could fix it in 5 minutes... Trust me, it's not rocket science. This really should not take you 3+ years to implement...



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Unfortunately the search is exact matching, not fuzzy (ignoring characters, accepting "s" in place of "$", etc.) so my recommendation is to use a metadata manager to dumb things down to unaccented characters or replace special characters with those in the roman alphabet.

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I support the Request from the "Post Opener".

-> accepting Wildcards is no Magic

"*" = can be n-sign

"+" = can be a single sign 

or something similar ...


nearly every DB can handle this ... your Development switches "=" with "like" the SQL Statemens

how many "select" Statements do you have in your Code that are tied to the SEARCH-BOX ?  1-3 ?

=> this would be a major improvement for UX (user experience)

=> maybe you need 3 PT for this (requirement, implement , test) 

=> I can not image for such a simple thing, not to implement it in your next short-Term release 









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Another Point is:

"mysql convert from ansi to utf-8"

=> 1.5 Million Hints how to to 

=> maybe this needs surely bit more effort than 3 PTs

=> but have a look at: AlphaTheta

"to enhance the creative potential of music and enable a world filled with joy".

- I`m sure you don`t need to ask the "Post-Opener" about his joy in this case

- disrespecting the "natural" language in a software is a major downside in UX and there Joy and so on

- software shall make not more "work", it shall support the User

thanks for taking in consideration



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