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Button Mapping from DDJ 400 -> DDJ 1000

My current set up is a DDJ 1000 using rekordbox. 

My friend is using a DDJ 400 with rekordbox. 

We are planning to play B2B on the DDJ 1000 using the dual-usb input.

Here is my question: 

My friend has numerous effects, etc assigned to the "Pads" on his DDJ 400. 

Is there a way that his button-mapping would carry over to replicate the layout on his DDJ 400 on the DDJ 1000 when he is using it?

Any help is much appreciated! 


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You each plug in to your own USB so your software is being controlled by your own channel on the controller (when you switch it). The pad modes on the DDJ-1000 take precedence, they aren't the same as the 1000, but he could change the mapping if wanted - the customizations of the pad modes / functions are retained tho, so the FX are still his own.

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