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Rekordbox 6.7 Crashes upon song load (DDJ-FLX4)

Just got a DDJ-FLX4, have been having issues about every 5 song loads with either the entire program freezing, every 10 with it crashing. Sometimes it is just the waveform that freezes, but it is always due to loading a new song. I've tried the troubleshoot before posting docs, switching to low draw rate, RGB, 3 band (which would be ideal as I'm slightly colorblind and that seems to be the easiest to see), but nothing has worked. System specs below, should be sufficient I would hope.


Nothing in activity monitor seems to be out of expected ranges. CPU is low (24%, maybe upper 30s when it crashes), ram about 1.4 used.


Mac OSX 11.7.5

Intel i9 (2018)

32gb ram

Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

Brandon Ferrell

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