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Polyrhythmic loop on Opus-Quad

Hey guys just sold my XDJ-XZ-W and got the new Opus-Quad. I'm pretty happy and excited about this new gear and also would like to make two little suggestions: 1. If in the near future update it could be added a polyrhythmic loop like on the CDJ 3000, a second bank with 3, 3/4, 3/2 and etc. Those are amazing to transition between high range BPM seamlessly. 2. I know we have the Slip Reverse, but if it's possible with a firmware update also add a slip function like (Shift + Slip Reverse = Slip) That's it guys keep doing this amazing job as usual, always been happy with Pioneer gear and will never change. Also love the facts we can just drop suggestions. I have an IT background and would never suggest something that isn't viable hardware/software wise and also agree you guys have a business model to follow. Thanks in advance, Charles Araujo Matos
Charles Araujo Matos

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It definitely needs this. I was surprised to learn it didn't have them.

Please give us slip mode!

Jeff Scroggin 4 votos
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