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Acme Dynamic 25 Spin - LED GF25


Can we please re-visit the Acme Dynamic 25 Spin please? There is a previous post, however rekordbox lighting has Gobo support now. I can't get it to light up; in Soundswitch it's working so my wiring isn't to blame. Previous post: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/900003355763-Acme-Dynamic-25-Spin-LED-GF25


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Sorry for the confusion.

Actually, GOBO was already supported in rekordbox lighting. You will be able to use GOBO without any issues. 

However, the lighting fixture itself is not supported by rekordbox lighting. "Effects (1)” is shown in the rekordbox lighting screen like below. This means Effects type category itself is not supported by the current version of rekordbox lighting. 

Sorry for not meeting your expectation and thank you for your kind understanding.

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Thank you for the fixture request. Please understand GOBO has not been supported in the rekordbox lighting software. Please see the Forum post below. Unfortunately, GOBO and some other lighting functions cannot be used in the current version of rekordbox lighting.


- Only specific DMX lighting fixture features – such as the dimmer, strobe, color and moving head (PAN/TILT) – can be controlled with Lighting mode.
- Fixtures with other features, may not work as expected.
Features such as gobo, along with some effect lights, lasers, fog machines and all-in-one lighting systems, aren't supported.
Sorry for not meeting your expectations and thank you for your kind understanding.

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