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Rekordbox Mobile 4 reset to default colour

On the Android version of Rekordbox Mobile the 'reset to default colour' does not revert to the colour I set (green). It goes back to the colour it got when I added a new hot cue.


Example. Default colour is green. Is also shown as that.

When a new hot cue is added it gets a different colour rather than the default (green).

Change the colour to green. And check it has changed.

Go to revert the colour to default and it removed the green and revert to the colour the hot cue was given when added as a new one


Has the behaviour changed or is it a bug?


Pixel 7 Pro

Android 13 (TQ2A.230505.002)

Rekordbox Mobile version


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Hi Ves, 

The color applied when HOTCUE's "return to initial color" operation is
it changes depending on the HOTCUE color setting.
This setting can be found in the rekordbox icon at the top of the screen > the "gear" icon at the top right > General > HotCue color.
If this is [CDJ], it will be green, and if it is [Colorful], the first hot cue will be a red-like color.

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