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Help Needed! Compatibility Issue between Windows 11 and Pioneer DJ Software on My Ryzen 9 Laptop: A Creative Journey Interrupted

Dear forum members,


I come to you today with a heavy heart and a sense of disappointment, seeking your guidance and expertise regarding a compatibility issue that has thrown a wrench into my creative aspirations. After eagerly upgrading my trusty Ryzen 9 laptop from Windows 10 to the promising new Windows 11, I have encountered a roadblock in the form of compatibility issues with my beloved Pioneer DJ Software.

As an aspiring creator, I had envisioned myself diving headfirst into a realm of rhythm, beats, and unforgettable melodies, ready to transport myself and others into a world of musical bliss. However, the transition to Windows 11 has unexpectedly interrupted this creative journey, leaving me feeling frustrated and disheartened.

The issue manifests itself in the form of a compatibility gap between Windows 11 and Pioneer DJ Software. Once seamless and harmonious, the interaction between these two elements has now become a dissonant symphony, preventing me from fully immersing myself in the creative process I hold dear.

Despite my best efforts to troubleshoot the problem, I have been unable to find a resolution. I have scoured the internet for potential solutions, updated drivers, and even reached out to Pioneer DJ support, all to no avail. It seems as though my dreams of unleashing my musical passion and captivating audiences are currently put on hold.

Here are some details regarding my setup, which may help in identifying the compatibility issue:

Lenovo Ryzen 9  laptop

Operating System: Upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Pioneer DJ Software version: 1.0.4 10/Sep/2020

I turn to this community of like-minded individuals, hoping that someone may have encountered a similar obstacle or possesses the knowledge to guide me towards a solution. Your expertise and support are invaluable to me, as I yearn to overcome this compatibility barrier and continue my creative journey.


If you have any insights, workarounds, or recommendations to bridge the gap between Windows 11 and Pioneer DJ Software, please share them with me. I'm open to any suggestions, whether they involve tweaking settings, seeking alternative software, or any other means to reignite the flames of creativity on my upgraded system.


Thank you deeply for your time and consideration. Your assistance will not only help me but also others who may face similar challenges. Together, let us navigate this hurdle and return to the realm of rhythm, beats, and unforgettable melodies.


With hope and gratitude,

Jessica Shepherd Respondida

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You may find others are willing to offer assistance if you actually provide details on the nature of the issue.

Windows 11 is supported by all drivers and software, so if you're still having problems, create a ticket with the support team in your region for further assistance in resolving this issue.

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